NZ Herald Mobile

NZ Herald has multiple digital platforms all providing you with different/targeted advertising destinations to reach a high quality, engaged audience. 

With our award-winning website, mobile site and apps you have the opportunity to run flexible, relevant and cost-effective campaigns which can reach people anywhere – at work, at home or on the move.

NZ Herald – mobile advertising

NZ Herald's award-winning mobile sites and apps enable users to get their news fix, wherever they are. Easily accessed from mobile devices, this is a place to reach a growing audience of people who have embraced the latest technology and are constantly finding new ways to use it. NZ Herald mobile provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to tailor interactive and smart messages to a market that is literally on the move. 

To find out more about advertising opportunities, or if you have any questions at all about advertising on the NZ Herald mobile site please contact your NZME. Account Manager or contact us now.





Source: Nielsen Market Intelligence July 2014