advertising is an innovative multiplatform site that showcases New Zealand’s most trusted recipes, from the APN family of newspapers and magazines.

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Recipes: 8,000 trusted recipes at launch drawn from APN’s publications including The New Zealand Herald, The New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, The New Zealand Listener and the Regional Newspaper Network.

Useful Tools: Search and many functions are free, but registered members are able to access additional benefits that include shopping list functions, competition entry, saving their favourite recipes and commenting.

Sharing: Social media engagement throughout the site gives readers the ability to share recipes and comment.

Use it anywhere: Responsive design allows the site to optimise for the best view based on the device being used – desktop, phone or tablet.

Video: Instructional videos on how to perfect a cooking technique or “how to” recipes are featured throughout the site.

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It's what our readers want

Qualitative research conducted by APN discovered a true need for, with a real demand from Kiwis for an online trove of recipes that speak our language and importantly, use NZ standard weights and measurements.

Some key insights from the research are:

“Most recipes I do Google are American, so if you can go straight to a New Zealand website that would be great”

“It’s a great idea ….they’re all New Zealand and all those publications are places I have seen things I’ve liked”

“The Food Hub would be practical. Right, what can I do with asparagus and beef tonight?” features

Dishes of the Day. Seasonally-suitable recommended recipes updated daily, with an emphasis on NZ ingredients

News & Articles. The best Bite content, ideas and inspiration

Take a look. News items, updates, and Q&As to keep up with all that’s new (and useful) in the food world

Wellbeing. Food and ‘living well’ content from Bite’s Nadia Lim and the popular ‘Wendyl Wants to Know’ from The New Zealand Herald

Reader Profile

Having a wide range of engaging content means having a wide appeal. The reader is a lover of food, they are home cooks who need something in a hurry, or are looking for inspiration. The primary target audience for is household shoppers 25+.





Source: Nielsen Market Intelligence July 2014