The start of the year is a time of change, with the best and brightest minds looking to the next chapter of their careers.  Their New Year aspirations will be shaped by who they talk to, what they see, hear and read. Makes you wonder - how will you reach the perfect candidate?

career13, New Zealand’s leading career showcase returns for 2013 in its smartest and most accessible form yet. Bringing together the best in print, online, mobile and tablet to give you access to the highest quality and largest pool of candidates.  Featuring the best roles and previewing the year ahead, career13 retains its position as the must read career showcase to start the year.

Start the year with career13 and help write the next chapter for New Zealanders.

The next chapter - choose career13

Audience: Highly engaged, high socio-economic and influential audience – these are the people you want to talk to

Savings:  Save up to 70% on rate card across dedicated career13 packages

Timing: Positioned to capture the candidates who decide that the New Year is the time for a new challenge

Reach: Speak to a nationwide audience and beyond via our multimedia packages

Marketing: A comprehensive consumer marketing campaign covers print, magazines, online, mobile, tablet, radio and search.


The smartest and most accessible career offering yet

Building on 2012’s digital component, career13 introduces a range of new platforms to the portfolio. Alongside the flagship print editions and NZ Herald Online, the integrated packages now incorporate commercially driven content, and the in-demand mobile and tablet environments, allowing you to tell your story directly to a combined audience of over 1.35 million people.

The power of these channels provides an unprecedented opportunity to connect with active and passive candidates. Here’s an overview of what’s on offer:

Print: Complemented by its leading editorial focus on the employment market and key issues important to readers, the career13 print editions offer a variety of modular advertising shapes, and cleaner pages, giving your advert even more impact. Published across three editions, for the first time career13 will appear on a Saturday, Wednesday and the following Saturday, offering even stronger impact and value for advertisers.

Online: career13’s online component is now fully housed on NZ Herald Online providing you greater reach to your key candidates. Using contextual advertising to match the advertised role with editorial content, career13 targets those interested in your industry, and provides a direct way to speak to passive and active candidates from New Zealand and overseas.

Mobile and Tablet: New for career13 is mobile advertising across our mobile site and iPhone app. Mobile is changing the way people consume media and enables you to target potential candidates while they are on the move. Advertising within our iPad app is another new career13 opportunity targeting readers within a rich and engaging experience.

Your story: Every company has a story - whether you want to profile your company, tell stories of key placements or outline your thoughts on the employment market. Housed within the new online home at, and within the NZ Herald iPad and iPhone apps, this commercially driven content will provide recruiters with a platform to communicate alongside their advertised roles.

Combined offering: These platforms provide an ongoing dialogue with candidates throughout the day. From the moment they wake up and check their smartphone, read the paper with their morning coffee, check the news online from their office desktop, through to relaxing with their tablet after work, the Herald’s huge audience will have multiple interactions with career13 throughout the week of publication.

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