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In addition to our standard newspaper sections and magazines, we work with advertisers to publish special issues and advertising features throughout each year. Covering a wide range of topics and interest areas, our Special Issues and Features Calendar is sure to have a special publication to compliment your advertising campaign.

Herald on Sunday also offer monthly advertising features, to find out more contact your account manager on (09) 373 6400.

Summer rates special: Buy one, get one free. Magazines include: Bite, Travel, Viva, TimeOut, Weekend, Canvas Living, New Idea, That’s Life and Girlfriend. Find out more.


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Feature Publication Publishing Booking Deadline Contact More Info
South Island Property Midweek HeraldHomes Nov 19 Nov 17 realestateadmin@nzme.co.nz
Viva at Home Viva Nov 19 Nov 12 himanshu.shah@nzme.co.nz
ec2 education + careers The New Zealand Herald Nov 20 Nov 07 himanshu.shah@nzme.co.nz
Plus - Retirement Feature The New Zealand Herald Nov 27 Nov 18 himanshu.shah@nzme.co.nz
Schools Out The New Zealand Herald Dec 02 Nov 10 himanshu.shah@nzme.co.nz  
Canvas Christmas gift guide Canvas Dec 06 Nov 17 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz
New Idea Christmas gift guide New Idea Dec 08 Nov 17 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz
Viva at Home Viva Dec 10 Dec 03 himanshu.shah@nzme.co.nz
Viva Christmas gift guide Viva Dec 10 Nov 17 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz
Living Christmas gift guide Living Dec 14 Nov 17 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz
Bite Christmas gift guide Bite Dec 15 Nov 17 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz
Coast and Country Midweek HeraldHomes Dec 17 Dec 15 realestateadmin@nzme.co.nz
ec2 education + careers The New Zealand Herald Dec 18 Dec 09 himanshu.shah@nzme.co.nz