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Upcoming  NZME. Special Issues and Features

In addition to our standard newspaper sections and magazines, we work with advertisers to publish special issues and advertising features throughout each year. Covering a wide range of topics and interest areas, our Special Issues and Features Calendar is sure to have a special publication to compliment your advertising campaign.

Dates are subject to change.

Summer rates special: Buy one, get one free. Magazines include: Bite, Travel, Viva, TimeOut, Weekend, Canvas Living, New Idea, That’s Life and Girlfriend. Find out more.


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Feature Publication Publishing Booking Deadline Contact More Info
Healthy Living Issue Living Jan 11 Jan 07 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
Summertime Special Travel Jan 13 Jan 07 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
Anniversary Weekend Special Issue Weekend Jan 24 Jan 20 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
Viva At Home Viva Jan 28 Jan 21 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
ec2 + Careers NZ Herald Jan 29 Jan 21 himanhsu.shah@nzme.co.nz
Summer Seafood Special Bite Feb 02 Jan 22 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
Paying the Piper NZ Herald Feb 02   himanhsu.shah@nzme.co.nz  
Romance Special Travel Feb 03 Jan 28 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
Vitality and Wellbeing Issue Viva Feb 04 Jan 28 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
Waikato Special Weekend Feb 07 Feb 03 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
Romance Issue Living Feb 08 Feb 04 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
Valentine's Day New Idea Feb 09 Jan 07 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
Autumn Fashion Special Viva Feb 11 Feb 04 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
The Budget Issue Bite Feb 16 Jan 29 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
Oscars Special New Idea Feb 22 Jan 21 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
State of Origin Travel Feb 24 Feb 18 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
Viva At Home Viva Feb 25 Feb 18 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz  
Spaces - Build, Renovate & Decorate NZ Herald Feb 26   himanshu.shah@nzme.co.nz  
Volvo Ocean Race Weekend Feb 28 Feb 24 mae.kelly@nzme.co.nz