NZME Educational Media

NZME. Educational Media is a vigorous division of NZME., serving the education and health sectors. It has a stable of publications, which combine to cover all aspects of secondary, tertiary and further education, together with a range of related professions and careers. Using the latest technology to address this range of niche publishing markets, the company has access through its books, magazines, newspapers and the internet to virtually every child, student, teacher, university student, academic and health professional in the country.

It is also an international company with extensive educational and health publications and programmes in Australia and New Zealand and through its association with Education New Zealand (ENZ), reaches the lucrative international student market.

NZME. Educational Media has identified the importance and dynamism of the education and health sectors and is growing and adapting with the industry, working in successful partnership with a large range of educational and health institutions.

NZME. Educational Media is not just covering the education and health industries - it is a part of them.

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