Every Saturday and Wednesday the Driven liftout covers motoring from every angle. Driven has been designed following extensive research into what motoring means to people.

Driven includes, new car reviews, model launches, technical articles, personal pieces, celebrity stories, motorsport, quizzes and quirk. Of course, Driven is also the place to go for anyone wishing to research, buy, view or sell vehicles and acts as a guide for the best car deals in town. 

By leveraging NZME.'s assets Driven has transformed automotive advertising, now offering a comprehensive advertising solution across print, digital, radio and outdoor. Contact us to find out more.

How readers engage with Driven

Driven has a strong male skew and attracts active car seekers looking for specific motoring advertising and information as well as motoring enthusiasts using the section as a form of entertainment. Engagement is firmly anchored in ‘educating me’ – which is typical of a classified section. The motoring sections engage as a ‘pastime’, ‘entertaining me’ and ‘absorbing me’.


What does this mean for advertisers?

Driven provides the opportunity to reach more potential car buyers than any other newspaper or non-member car publication in Auckland. Driven on Saturday is the flagship motoring product and delivers the huge readership of the Weekend Herald as a standalone liftout for easier reading and portability.

Wednesday’s Driven provides a midweek destination for motoring advertisers at an accessible price point in a versatile liftout and keep format.

Reader Profile

Around three quarters of Driven readers are males in households with incomes significantly higher than average. These males are passionate about cars. They appreciate Driven for the advertising as much as the content – both keep them well informed. This strong connection they have with the content means that Driven is effective in connecting with active car buyers as well as general automotive enthusiasts






% of readers


Male 78.98%
Female 20.38%
Top 3 Socios 61.78%
Top 3 Occupations 26.11%


% of readers


Lifestage One – Dependent Children 0.64%
Lifestage Two – Independent Young Adults 13.38%
Lifestage Three – Adults with Young Families 13.38%
Lifestage Four – Adults with Older Children 19.11%
Lifestage Five – Empty Nesters 53.50%
Household Income $80,000+ 54.78%
Home Owners 68.79%
Mortgage Free Home Owners 35.67%



% of readers


I am passionate about cars 142 19.00%
I put quality ahead of costs 123 49.00%
I like fixing things around the house 123 54.00%
I like to stand out from the crowd 114 20.00%
The way my car looks is important to me 114 35.00%
I spend a lot of time working on my car 113 5.00%
Source: Nielsen CMI Q3 13 - Q2 14 AP15+






Saturday and Wednesday