Saturday's HeraldHomes appeals to readers in most income brackets by featuring not only million-dollar mansions, but also affordable houses in the suburbs, apartments, lifestyle blocks and coastal holiday homes. All are gorgeous to look at and, because we interview their owners, fascinating to read about.

The must-read weekend publication for anyone buying, selling or just interested in real estate, HeraldHomes profiles a range of city and country properties on the market, and features information to help readers buy and sell their homes. It’s a crucial part of the Weekend Herald and is distributed in all copies, with special gloss copies appearing in Central Auckland and selected areas of the North Shore.

Midweek HeraldHomes in Wednesday’s Herald is a standalone lift-out, specialising in residential homes. Midweek HeraldHomes is distributed from Pukekohe to Wellsford; please email realestateadmin@apn.co.nz for details on the distribution area.

Occasionally we run special Real Estate Features on specific property types, please speak to your account manager to find out about what is coming up.

Herald on Sunday Homes in the Herald on Sunday is a stand-alone lift-out for anyone buying, selling or just interested in real estate. What better day of the week to dream about your next home than with Herald on Sunday Homes’ stunning feature property and practical advice plus listings of gorgeous properties for sale.

How readers engage with HeraldHomes

“If you’re actually looking for something, like if you want to go and look for a house, you know you’re going to find something, a starting point in the Weekend Herald, there will be something about it somewhere.”

HeraldHomes primarily engages as a ‘pastime’ tapping in to the ‘weekend mindset’, it also engages by ‘inspiring me’ and ‘educating me’.


What does this mean for advertisers?

HeraldHomes provides coverage of the total Auckland market – reaching buyers outside of their local area. Credible editorial content draws in potential homebuyers and results are driven by unrivalled readership combined with specially targeted environments. Sectionalisation of HeraldHomes makes it easier to target buyers whether they are actively in the market or just seeking inspiration. Midweek HeraldHomes offers a complementary environment to the Saturday product, with the credibility of the HeraldHomes brand, at an attractive price point.

Reader Profile

The majority of HeraldHomes readers currently own a home, with around half owning it mortgage free. They are as likely to be in family life stages as they are to be in empty nester home environments. They generally feel in control of their finances and recognise the importance of investing to safeguard their future.






% of readers


Male 42.91%
Female 57.09%
Top 3 Socios 65.35%
Top 3 Occupations 28.35%


% of readers


Lifestage One – Dependent Children 0.79%
Lifestage Two – Independent Young Adults 12.20%
Lifestage Three – Adults with Young Families 19.29%
Lifestage Four – Adults with Older Children 20.87%
Lifestage Five – Empty Nesters 46.85%
Household Income $80,000+ 54.72%
Home Owners 65.75%
Mortgage Free Home Owners 34.25%



% of readers


I find it difficult to switch off from work 126 20.00%
I buy organic food whenever I can 120 21.00%
I prefer to let professionals manage most of my investments 119 17.00%
I like to use products that are scientifically proven 118 41.00%
Work is more than just a job 117 48.00%
My life is full on 115 49.00%
Source: Nielsen CMI Q2 2013 - Q1 2014 AP15+






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