Sunday Sport

Full colour and ‘late to press’ capability defines the Herald on Sunday Sport section. The Herald on Sunday Sport section is a significant part of the paper and a comprehensive guide to the weekend’s sport. It contains expert analysis, the latest results and entertaining perspectives from the country’s best sports writers. Written in an entertaining and informative manner, the section has developed a strong and loyal readership. With its position as a reverse front page, Herald on Sunday Sport satisfies the most devoted sports fan, and delivers a dedicated audience to the advertiser.

How readers engage with Herald on Sunday Sport

Men are more likely to engage with Sport as entertainment, women engage with Sport as an education. Younger readers engage with Sport on a social level – sharing the contents with someone else.

“I will always read Sport before any other section (unless my wife nabs the paper first!) Nothing beats taking your time reading the Sport section on Sunday morning, at home over a cup of coffee. Bliss.”

Herald on Sunday Sport engages with readers by ‘educating me’, absorbing me’ and ‘altering my thoughts and feelings, it also engages readers at a ‘social’ level.

What does this mean to advertisers?

The highest Sunday newspaper readership Taupo North combined with unbeatable sports coverage is a valuable proposition for those looking to advertise in a sports environment.

Reader Profile

Around two thirds of Herald on Sunday Sport readers are males. The majority are between the ages of 30 and 59 years and have succeeded in building a strong career, earning good money. They love sport and are as likely to embrace it socially as they are to actually participate.






% of readers


Male 64.80%
Female 35.71%
Top 3 Socios 56.12%
Top 3 Occupations 23.47%


% of readers


Lifestage One – Dependent Children 1.53%
Lifestage Two – Independent Young Adults 16.84%
Lifestage Three – Adults with Young Families 16.84%
Lifestage Four – Adults with Older Children 23.47%
Lifestage Five – Empty Nesters 41.33%
Household Income $80,000+ 54.08%
Home Owners 58.16%
Mortgage Free Home Owners 29.08%



% of readers


I am passionate about sport 125 40.00%
It only feels like a holiday if I leave NZ 118 14.00%
You can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive 115 23.00%
The garden is as important as other rooms in my house 114 49.00%
I buy organic food whenever I can 114 20.00%
I often exercise at home 113 30.00%
Source: Nielsen CMI Q2 2013 - Q1 2014 AP15+




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