Weekday Sport & SuperSport

Monday to Thursday, Sport leads in from the back of the daily liftout and is dedicated to the country’s obsession for sport. Offering expert analysis and evaluation of the latest results, profiles on the personalities and all the conjecture on upcoming games, Sport also provides the very latest on all the week’s events.

On Friday SuperSport is a standalone liftout and provides a definitive guide to the sporting weekend ahead with in-depth interviews and previews of all the major sporting events. It also features Outdoors on the first Friday of the month.

How readers engage with Sport

Qualitative research has shown Sport and SuperSport are regarded as strong sections with good coverage. The writers are engaging and ‘know their stuff’.

‘Wynne Gray is a really good writer and that other fella Chris, he is opinionated and I actually quite like that. I am not interested in reading what the score is. It is nice to know that they have got guys like them who write a bit and others like that. I think they do a pretty good job on the sports side of things”

The Sport sections of the Herald strongly engage by ‘entertaining me’, they also engage as a ‘pastime’ and at a ‘social’ level.


What does this mean for advertisers?

The Herald Sports sections cater to a broad male audience, who have interests in an enormous number of products and services. Sport is ideally positioned to deliver a large audience of affluent male readers. The Sport section is an essential read for many of our readers; this gives the advertiser the impact of being in front of the reader before other advertising messages clutter the environment. The advertiser benefits from aligning their brand in an environment packed with the world’s leading sports stars in the country’s best read newspaper.

Reader Profile

Sport is one of the Herald’s most male skewed environments. These males have created a strong career, and are more likely to be employed in the top occupation groups, personally earning well ahead of the national average. They are passionate about sport, and make an effort to keep active on a regular basis.






% of readers


Male 72.27%
Female 27.73%
Top 3 Socios 58.64%
Top 3 Occupations 24.55%


% of readers


Lifestage One – Dependent Children 1.36%
Lifestage Two – Independent Young Adults 17.27%
Lifestage Three – Adults with Young Families 15.45%
Lifestage Four – Adults with Older Children 17.73%
Lifestage Five – Empty Nesters 48.18%
Household Income $80,000+ 52.27%
Home Owners 60.91%
Mortgage Free Home Owners 34.09%



% of readers


I am passionate about sport 129 41.00%
I play a lot of sport 120 13.00%
I try to dine out once a week 118 13.00%
I go to the gym at least twice a week 115 12.00%
I need my mobile when I take overseas trips 114 25.00%
I like fixing things around the house 110 49.00%
Source: Nielsen CMI Q2 2013 - Q1 2014 AP15+




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