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"There is nothing better during a busy week than to pick up New Idea. Escape into the fascinating world of celebrities, read about your favourite TV shows, and be inspired - whether it's in the kitchen, in front of the mirror, or on your sneaky lunch-break shopping trip.

New Idea is the perfect way to start a week. We bring readers the latest in celeb style, intriguing pictures, the best exclusive stories, plus on-trend and affordable fashion and beauty straight from the red carpets and streets of Hollywood.

We also deliver the most tantalising, easy-to-make recipes in our 16-page pullout food special every week, and advice on your home, pets, travel, sex, destiny and more. The whole team at New Idea loves nothing more than delivering the best, and is committed to giving our readers their freshest celebrity fix in every issue."

Caroline Botting, Editor

About New Idea

New Idea, Your Fresh Celebrity Fix, is one of New Zealand’s favourite women’s magazines, brimming with all the latest celebrity news and gossip, from here in New Zealand and around the globe.

Inside New Idea everything is viewed through the lens of celebrity – star shots, celebs looking glamorous, extraordinary people doing ordinary things, fashion and beauty with a celebrity twist. New Idea gives readers an 'in' into celebrity life and all the glitz, glamour and excitement that comes with it.

Every week New Idea also brings readers fresh, contemporary, aspirational food and recipes, on-trend fashion and beauty, inspirational health and wellbeing, plus favourite columnists including Jesse Mulligan, Stacey Morrison, Nene King and more. Because New Idea loves celebrities as much as New Idea’s readers do.

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Inside Every Issue:

  • New Fashion & Beauty – get your very own celebrity glamour on an affordable budget.
  • New Food Ideas – delicious recipes and healthy food ideas for you and your family in a 16-page pull-out booklet every week.
  • Take a load off – our columnists Jesse Mulligan and Stacey Morrison share their insights into family, friendship and fame.
  • Agony Aunt – Nene King’s larger than life advice on anything

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Reader Profile

New Idea is consistently one of the top performing magazines in New Zealand. It's a weekly must read for those craving their 'celebrity fix'.
Nearly 20% of New Idea readers are working mums. They love to shop - and many classify shopping as their favourite pastime! They like reading about new cosmetics and buying cosmetics, keeping up with the latest fashion and trends and taking care of their appearance. Drinking wine and trying out new food and recipes are also popular pastimes with New Idea readers.






% of readers


Female 78.95%
Male 21.05%
Top 3 Socios 45.53%
Top 3 Occupations 13.68%


% of readers


Lifestage One – Dependent Children 6.84%
Lifestage Two – Independent Young Adults 20.26%
Lifestage Three – Adults with Young Families 19.74%
Lifestage Four – Adults with Older Children 16.05%
Lifestage Five – Empty Nesters 36.84%
Household Income $80,000+ 39.21%
Home Owners 44.47%
Mortgage Free Home Owners 20.79%



% of readers


I often buy after trialling a beauty product sample 188 17.00%
I like reading about new cosmetic and skincare products 164 20.00%
I like to use products that reduce the signs of aging 156 33.00%
I often use hire purchase 146 15.00%
Friends look to me for advice on major purchase decisions 129 23.00%
I need to do more formal study to advance my career 128 27.00%

Source: Nielsen CMI Q3 13 - Q2 14 AP10+, ABC 12 Months to 30th June 2014








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